Miss Jenn's Place-

Home Daycare

Rates and Services

With home daycare/preschool, you get what you pay for. We urge parents to shop around before making a decision on their child's life, learning, and future. We offer quality care, expertise in early childhood education practices, hands on activities, nutritional meals and art projects. Your children are taught social skills that will help them be successful in life.

 Age 2 mos to potty trained. $ 170/week

Age 3-5 Potty trained to kindergarten-$135/week. (Potty trained means two full weeks in underwear dry/accident free.)

Part time rate-$5.00/hr up until potty trained. $4.50/hr potty trained and up. (Two hours/day minimum required for part time, and advanced notice as space may not be available.)

 We accept clients with state foster care subsidy/copay. Please keep in mind that full payments will be due until proper paperwork is processed with DCFS.

 Special rates for teachers are available. Please contact us for details.


 ALSO AVAILABLE Odd shift care. (second and overnight shift) Please contact us for more information.