Miss Jenn's Place-

Home Daycare

A Typical Day at Miss Jenn's Place 

We start out the day with free play. Breakfast is served, then circle time where we will introduce the theme of the day/week or reinforce skills learned on previous days. Circle time includes calendar time, weather, story time, introduction of academic skills and concepts, song and dance as related to current theme. Art is also an important part of our curriculum.

We then have free play to work on large motor skills, small motor skills, cognitive/problem solving skills, social skills, and sharing. Sometimes the children will choose what they want to play with and sometimes specific toys will be introduced to build or reinforce skills and concepts. 

 Infants receive frequent interaction, and naps so that neural pathways are formed making babies healthier and smarter.  

Lunch is provided, with nutritional meals. We try to provide the freshest foods for meals and snacks. We also learn about healthy eating, and table manners.  

We try to have outdoor play daily, weather permitting. Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather. We will play with toys, water/sand table, sandbox and climbing things in the backyard, chalk and ride on toys in the driveway or at the large park only a couple blocks away.

Snacks are provided with each snack covering at least two food groups.